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Like every woman, I've been bombarded with media and advertisements telling me I'm not good enough not pretty enough, not skinny

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So the fat women did what fat women are expected to do. They comforted a thin woman in distress, terrified of what would become of her if she

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Some people don't like to be called fat, but I really don't mind. I look to the girl. You're right I'm a fat lady, I say, puffing up my cheeks. The child smiles

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(I had no perspective to realize that my friends of color weren't represented. But the audience laughs, because a fat girl eating a sandwich is

August 1st is National Girlfriends Day. My childhood pediatrician promised my concerned mother that my baby fat would soon melt off into the These ladies perfected the art of legitimate friend banter, not hateful commentary meant to make fat girls feel like sloppy, chewed up gum.